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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Hilliard Rospert Funeral Home. We understand that you may have questions about our funeral home, the services that we offer, our staff, or other aspects of our business. Many people have inquired about the same information that you are looking for. To better service our website visitors, we have provided this FAQ area. To best use this page, simply identify the type of question that you need answered from the "Question Categories" menu located in the sidebar to the right. Clicking one of the category options will direct you to specific questions dealing with that category. Scroll through the entries in that specific category to locate the question and answer that provides the information that you need.

General FAQ

Q. Can I get directions to your establishment?

A. For your convenience, we have provided a Map & Directions page on our website where you are able to obtain basic driving directions to our office. This page also features an easy to use interactive map to help you navigate to the funeral home from your location.
View the Map & Directions Page

Q. What do we do if a death occurs out of town?

A. It is best to call a funeral director from your local community. He or she can assist and advise you. Most often, if there is not going to be a service where the death occurred, your hometown funeral director will be able to make arrangements to have your loved ones remains returned home.

Q. We currently live in the Wadsworth area but own graves in another town or state, can you still help us?

A. Yes, several times a year we transport residents of the Wadsworth area back to their final resting place. We will work with the family to determine if it is more cost effective to transport by driving or by flight. We are a TSA Certified Known Shipper. This simply means we are certified by the airlines and the Transportation Safety Administration to ship human remains by commercial airline.

Q. What is the number one statement not to make to a grieving family?

A. Most bereaved individuals will indicate that the statement, "I know how you feel" is the most irritating. Most of us would prefer to hear what our loved one meant to you. If you did not know the deceased person it is helpful to say things like: "I'll be thinking about you." It is also appropriate to say, "I will call to check on you," if you plan to do so. It is important to follow through on offers of assistance, rather than simply making the statement at the time of services. Many times families will find a need for assistance once things have begun to "settle down" after the services and your offer and help could mean a great deal to them. Acts of kindness towards a grieving family do not have to be grand gestures but rather sincere gestures of help on many levels. Some examples of such acts: mow the grass, purchase groceries, change the oil in the car, baby-sit the children, provide a meal, provide transportation, etc. Avoid telling the family to "Call me if you need anything." Generally, when we are grieving we do not have the energy to call and ask for help. Again, it is important to follow through if you make an offer to help.

Burial Arrangements FAQ

Q. Can Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home assist me with a Green Burial?

A. Yes, if you desire to have a Green Funeral it is important to let your family know ahead of time that this is your wish. This should be mentioned to the funeral director upon first contact as there is special embalming fluid used for green burial should embalming be requested.

Q. Is embalming required?

A. Except in certain special cases, Embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing. If you do not want Embalming, you usually have the right to choose arrangements that does not require you to pay for it, such as a direct cremation or immediate burial.

Cremation Arrangements FAQ

Q. I wish to be cremated. Can there still be a visitation and funeral before I am cremated?

A. Yes, most families choose to have a public visitation and funeral service prior to cremation. The Catholic Church prefers that the body is brought to church for Mass of Christian Burial prior to the cremation occurring.

Expense-Related FAQ

Q. What is the average cost of a funeral?

A. This is a difficult question to answer because each funeral is as unique as the person whose funeral it is. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your wishes at which time we can quote you a price for your individual service.

Q. Won’t Social Security Pay for my Funeral?

A. No, the current Social Security Death Benefit is $255.00 and is payable to a surviving spouse, minor child or adult dependent child.

Q. I’m a veteran. Won’t the VA pay my burial expenses?

A. As an honorably discharged veteran you are eligible for some benefits mainly a marker for your grave, a burial flag, and your family can request a letter from the President of the United States. You are also eligible for burial in a National Cemetery such as Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, where you receive a grave for the veteran and their spouse, a grave liner for the veteran and their spouse and a marker for the veteran and their spouse. In addition to this, in the unfortunate event the need would arise, an honorably discharged veteran could have their minor child or adult dependent child receive the same benefits. Other benefits may be available for veterans and will be determined on an individual basis by the VA.

Pre-Planning FAQ

Q. What does it cost to pre-plan my funeral?

A. There is no cost to pre-plan your funeral. We will gladly sit down with you and record all of your wishes and keep them on file here at the funeral home. There is no fee for this service.

Q. What is the difference between pre-planning and pre-paying my funeral?

A. Pre-planning is just that, it is making your wishes known on paper and recording them at the funeral home. Pre-paying means that you deposit funds with the funeral home which are, in turn, placed into a bank trust or insurance contract that the funeral home cannot touch until death occurs. Portions of a pre-paid funeral contract are generally guaranteed such as Services of the funeral director and staff , casket and outer burial container.


Paul L. Hamilton

Visitation: Thursday, April 2, 5-8 PM

Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home

Service: Friday, April 3, 11 AM

Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home


Jenny Ann Boreman

Service: Celebration of Life

Saturday March 28, 2015 2:00 PM

Chatham Community Church

6423 Avon Lake Rd.

Spencer, Ohio


William Patterson

Visitation: Friday, March 27, 10-11 AM

First Christian Church

Service: Friday, March 27, 11 AM

First Christian Church


Joanne Heykoop

Visitation: Monday, March 23, 4-7 PM

Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home

Service: Tuesday, March 24, 11 AM

Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home

Marlene Ihrig

Visitation: Sunday, March 22, 3-7 PM

Hilliard-Rospert Funeral Home

Funeral Mass: Monday, March 23, 11 AM

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

David Higgins

Service: Private





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